Hi, I’m Chloe (she/her). I’m deeply interested in communities, their myths, their craft and their rituals. I try to understand how our communities relate to a changing environment.

As I see it, stories or myths play a big role in the relationship between community and environment. What are the stories we, as community (un)consciously act upon?


2021 - Now
a.pass participant post graduate program
2017 - now
1/3rd of publishing collective Henri Lejeune
2014 - Now
freelance graphic designer

If you want more information

here are some links for you.

Follow my research

You can follow my research on heritage and how it works within communities via my Pinterest board. 

Henri Lejeune

Henri Lejeune is a publishing collective that I founded in 2017. Together with journalist Isabelle Vanhoutte we make responsible publications filled with stories about the circular economy.

Graphic Portfolio

As a graphic designer I started focussing on branding and publications. You can find some of my work presented on Behance.